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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Under RPO arrangements, organizations outsource their recruitment needs to external partners who are then responsible for these activities.

RPO environment is particularly different in India, over the years RPO has evolved from a total outsourcing to substantial and project based outsourcing.

Companies look for HR partners who can work on providing rapid improvements in performance. Outsourcing their recruitment needs helps organization in building capabilities for success and focus on core business areas.

The RPO Ecosystem

MANCER RPO Solutions

MANCER consulting recognizes the need to deliver customized recruitment solutions and hence follows an analysis based approach. Our areas of core expertise lie in :

  • Building highly standardized recruitment processes.
  • Formulating efficient sourcing strategies that help in building rich talent pipeline.
  • Highly committed engagement team that ensures dedicated services.

Working with MANCER

MANCER Consulting Services has unmatched experience in promoting talent and we follow the same principal for our organization.

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+91-11 6641 7200