India is one of the fastest growing markets in the consulting world. Consulting services involve a wide range of business advisory services like Information Technology, Finance, Taxation, Audit and many more. Consulting today is known to provide an integrated development model, which helps businesses to manage a number of operations.

India is a long term player in the consulting industry. Consulting by nature is very agile therefore companies are investing heavily in innovation and analytics.

  • The Indian Consulting market grew by 4% in 2012 with over $1.5bn.
  • The Energy and Resources Consulting market also grew by 5% as India explores renewable energy alternatives in order to better meet its huge domestic requirements.
  • Management Consulting is estimated to be a Rs. 22,000 Crore industry (Source: ASSOCHAM) which is growing at a CAGR of 30%.

Talent Challenges – Indian Consulting Industry

Getting into any Global Consulting firm of repute is tough, as these organizations usually prefer talent from premium B-schools and significant level of exposure.

While consulting firms normally hire MBAs, they are now willing to hire students from other disciplines like, Ph.D, Law and Engineering and put them through business training.

MANCER’s Outlook

Consulting firms all over have been struggling with high cost of talent as professionals with premium academic backgrounds and domain knowledge are becoming expensive to hire. For Consulting Industry, India Inc needs talent with unbeatable performance record and acumen to handle large scale projects. Since year 2000, MANCER Consulting Services has been helping Consulting majors in India, meet their executive search requirements across domains like Finance, Logistics, Knowledge Management, Data warehousing, Multimedia, Client-server Development, Sales force Automation, Electronic Commerce, Branding and Value Management. Our Consultants are adept in supporting hiring requirements for diverse leaders from multiple domains.

Our innovative approach creates value based offering:

  • Strong recruitment team that specializes in your requirement.
  • The multi-disciplinary team we deploy will utilize all the very latest search technologies, our own qualified database, combined with direct personal approaches to secure the best possible pool of talent.
  • Cost saving and reduced cycle time through well-defined service level metrics.
  • Connection with passive and active candidates – through social media strategies and our exclusive recruitment marketing campaigning technology.
  • Capability to provide a client-dedicated recruiting team.
  • “No candidate left behind” service commitment to 100% candidate outreach.
  • A differentiated candidate experience and streamlined recruitment process.

Working with MANCER

MANCER Consulting Services has unmatched experience in promoting talent and we follow the same principal for our organization.

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