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Mukesh Gulati

Mukesh Gulati Assistant Vice President (Operations)

Mukesh is an embodiment of sharp focus, perseverance and unyielding determination. He has worked extensively on finding suitable talent for the ITes industry and hasestablished the talent pools for many financial organizations. He deeply understands the industry dynamicsof Outsourcing business and the sensitivity required to handle the finer intricacies of the leadership hiring in Banking & Financial Services. Having started off his career with MANCER as a Management Trainee 6 years back, he has had an accelerated career progression. He drives the ‘Social Media initiative’ for Mancer and lays down the strategy for ensuring meaningful and widerengagement on the social platform. A post graduate in Marketing, he has been with MANCER since 2008.

He is currently based out of Delhi and can be reached at mukesh@mancerconsulting.com.

Nimi Srivastava

Nimi Srivastava Manager (Operations)

Nimi is an integral part of the MANCER leadershipand is accountable for the Executive level recruitments pertinent to the BPM and Investment Banking industries. She specializes in serving deliverables on functions like F&A, Analytics and Human Resources. She is the prime resource for catering to the niche HR mandates of organizations helping them streamline the existing HR teams. Her prowess at stakeholder management and deft involvement with high repute clients is definitely something to look up to. With extensive experience in talent acquisition and management, Nimi has single handedly transformed the Finance, Supply Chain & HR functions of many organizations, influencing a direct impact on the business volumes. With 10 years of experience, Nimi is a Post Graduate in Human Resources and has been with MANCER since 2004.

She is currently based out of Delhi and can be reached at nimi@mancerconsulting.com.

Pooja Sinha

Pooja Sinha Principle Consultant

Pooja heads Process Improvement initiatives for various verticals in MANCER Consulting. Her current role sees through smooth client delivery and internal team building. Pooja’s expertise lies in identifying people with the right skill sets required for operational delivery, ensuring requisite training to employees for client preparedness and seeing that client requirements are met. Pooja has 15 years of experience in Operations, Talent Development, Off-shoring and Process designing, primarily in the Shared Service and Business Process Outsourcing environment. She has led significant operational off-shoring activities from Europe and the USA. In the past Pooja has managed financial operations at Genpact and COLT, which primarily involved employee development, engagement and integration. She joined MANCER is 2010.

She is currently based out of Delhi and can be reached at pooja.sinha@mancerconsulting.com.

Subhodeep Dutta

Subhodeep Dutta Head – Corporate Strategy

Subhodeep’s role involves conceptualizing new business ideas and driving key initiatives for MANCERat the corporate level. He formulates, analyzes and assists company’s strategy to diversify in new complementary markets and product segments. Subhodeep has 17 years of experience at the executive level in marketing, sales, and operations across various verticals like IT, Airlines, Analytics and the Customer Service industry. He has been responsible for transitioning and setting off-shore businesses from the US, UK and Europe in India. Subhodeep has worked with 247 Inc, Genpact, NIIT, Convergys India and Interglobe Technologies before joining MANCER in 2012.

He is currently based out of Delhi and can be reached at subhodeep@mancerconsulting.com.

Surendra Das

Surendra Das Senior Manager – F&A

Surendra heads the Finance function for MANCER and keeps the accounting and financial controls aligned with the organizational strategy. He draws timely comparative evaluations between the strategic initiatives taken and their direct impact on the finances. With an eye for detail and cult precision, he closely tracks the graph of company’s profitability and aids with his valuable inputs and suggestions. His key responsibility is to monitor the trajectory of the company’s growth and the plausible measures that can be adopted to maintain the smooth flow of revenue from the clients’ end. Apart from his indispensible contribution to the financial aspect, he also oversees the seamless functioning of the administrative staff. With 11 years of experience, Surendra is a Post Graduate in Accounting and hejoined MANCER in 2003.

He is currently based out of Delhi and can be reached at surendra@mancerconsulting.com.

Vartika Bharti

Vartika Bharti Business HR

Vartika is responsible for managing the end to end HR processes for Mancer. She looks after the optimum alignment of these processes and policies to the strategic goals of the organization. Her main focus area is to hire and develop the top line talent for MANCER which currently boasts of 125+ consultants. She also ensures that the company’s core values of Ownership, CustomerCentricity, Teamwork and Passion for Excellence are religiously manifested in the day to day operations and are followed with the highest levels of commitment. Vartika is a post graduate in Human Resource with 4 years of experience and she commenced her journey with MANCER in 2010.

She is currently based out of Delhi and can be reached at vartika@mancerconsulting.com.

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